Jill Gascoine 1937 - 2020

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Jill Gascoine 1937 - 2020

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Re: Jill Gascoine 1937 - 2020

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Thinking about Jill as part of the excellent regular cast in TPtv's gem the once-forgotten 70s afternoon soap ROOMS

We were entertained with the realistic every day unsensational dramas of bedsit land in the 70s.... and still are.

Meanwhile, at the time of Jill's death in present-day soap misery & hell, a thoroughly horrific and ghastly plotline unfolds at 7.30 on Coronation St..god knows if it gave the kids nightmares..

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Re: Jill Gascoine 1937 - 2020

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Very sad, but ill for a long time of course.

I always enjoyed the sketch she did with Cannon and Ball on their Easter Special in 1983, a fun piece on the film Casablanca, and her efforts to keep a straight face, especially when Tommy slammed down the piano lid on Bobby's fingers!

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