Diana Rigg (1938-2020)

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Diana Rigg (1938-2020)

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This is nøt å signåture.™

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Re: Diana Rigg (1938-2020)

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Shocking news.

Happy memories of Saturday nights, and that great chemistry between Steed and Mrs Peel.

A real 60's icon.

"A cup of Tea....Tea...Tea"

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Re: Diana Rigg (1938-2020)

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I recall the Avengers one about the guy dressed as an old dear stabbing people with knitting needles.
..In the opening scene Emma had been to a party and had a sort of skin-tight outfit on.

Now I was watching it on my grandma's TV set which now realise had a fading tube as it made everything look extremely contrasty ..anyway it emphasized in black a certain area on Emma's outfit and my grandma suddenly exclaimed "Oh my God she is naked!..what is this TV coming to"
Obviously years later had to find this again ..er just to see if she was naked.

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Re: Diana Rigg (1938-2020)

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Such sad new. I'll be pulling out some episodes of The Avengers to watch this weekend, as well as OHMSS.
'We're needed Mrs Peel', reunited with Steed.

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Re: Diana Rigg (1938-2020)

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Watching the Cybernauts trilogy Blu Ray in her memory I was pleased that in the advert break in the New Avengers story Diana appeared in a British Airways advert.

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