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David Boothroyd wrote:We've just seen the famous Boomtown Rats Travolta ripping incident. (16 November 1978 - we seem to be three weeks ahead)
Only three more normal episodes to go after this one - we can't see 7th December because of Savile and 21st December was cancelled because of a strike*, so there's only 23rd and 30th November and 14th December left. With The Sky At Night that would take us up to 21st November, so there'll need to be something else on 28th November and 12th December (with Sky at Night on the 5th), assuming they'll show the Christmas show on 19th December. Perhaps they'll show some other previously shown (and hence cleared) episodes like the Cuddly Ken one again.

It's been mentioned in a couple of places that The Story Of 1979 is being/has been recorded so it looks like we're carrying on into next year, which is all to the good, cos it's a great year.

That *in full, though, which is that the episode of 21st December 1978 was, rather oddly, supposed to be part one of the Christmas show and was scheduled to be an hour long (which is itself unusual given there was a chart that week and in the equivalent week in 1976 and 1977 they ran a normal show). It was cancelled because of the strike that took BBC1 off the air but the strike didn't start til the Wednesday, and surely they wouldn't have recorded a Christmas show that close to transmission? They'd at least have got some stuff together for it, surely? So I wonder if it was actually recorded but never broadcast. Hmmm.

Anyway, the Christmas Day show has of course been repeated on BBC4 before, in 2008 when they screened a Christmas show from each decade as part of their pop season. Alas, it's pretty rubbish, probably the worst episode of the seventies, with no new wave or anything, too many ballads and Showaddywaddy. The theory is that they had to rush it because of the strike, cos none of the performances have an audience and there's loads of videos and repeats, but that's the same as 1977. It's just a crap show. Presumably all the good stuff would have gone in the cancelled one.

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