Terms of Use: Forum Posting Guidelines

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Terms of Use: Forum Posting Guidelines

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The Mausoleum Club Forum is the place to go if you want to discuss television or radio (both archive and current), along with their actual or potential DVD release.

This forum is not affiliated to any commercial organisation and does not act on behalf of any commercial organisation. It has no direct influence on the current or future output of these organisations. This forum is moderated by a team of administrators.

The opinions expressed within posts are those of the author and have no bearing on those of the forum administrators or site owner.


If you wish to post a message to this forum, please observe the following guidelines

1.1. Be civil and polite to others on the board, and respect opinions that may strongly contrast your own.

1.2. Observe the conventions of "netiquette" (e.g., not "shouting" by typing solely in UPPER CASE).

1.3. Remain on-topic as much as possible within the relevant thread. If you need to follow up on comments regarding a different topic then start a new thread. Bear in mind that this site is for the discussion of television/films/radio so anything wildly off-topic may be deleted without warning.

1.4. Refrain from using the Forum for private communications with other individuals. The forum private message system can be used sparingly to establish contact but email or other systems should be used thenceforth.

1.5. Do not request copies of any anything or offer it up for trade. This is not a trading forum.

1.6. Please do not give publicity here to people selling pirated material at eBay or other online sites. Instead, we would suggest you report the sellers to the appropriate site / copyright owners.

1.6.1 This also includes clips on websites such as YouTube which are obviously unauthorised. Linking to material uploaded by the copyright holder or uploaded with their permission is permitted.

1.7. Discussion of and giving links to sites or groups offering pirated material for download are not permitted.

1.8. Please ensure that you regularly clean out your private messages - both inbox and outbox - as excessive amounts of these stored messages may impair the efficiency of the forum.

1.9. Avatars must be limited to 160 pixels width. If your avatar is larger than this, you may be asked by the administrators to reduce its size. The avatar may be removed in the event that this request is not complied with. The Administrators may also remove oversized avatars belonging to members who are long-term absent from the forum.

1.10. Images within posts are permitted, as long as they further the topic. Images may be removed from posts, or the posts deleted entirely, at the administrators' discretion.

1.11. The Mausoleum Club recommends that any images posted in by members are hosted either on the member's personal webspace, or on a image-hosting facility such as Photobucket. Images in threads which are not hosted in this way may be removed by administrators, as The Mausoleum Club Forum does not support the theft of other people's bandwidth.

1.12. if you have a question regarding the cheapest place to buy a DVD then we suggest you use a search engine such as http://www.find-dvd.co.uk/ as you will invariably be directed to such a site and it saves repetition.

1.13. Selling via your signature is permitted provided the material is not pirated and there is only a single line link to your profile where you are selling. Do not provide multiple links to individual items.


The forum is moderated by an administration team, the composition of which may change from time to time. For easy identification, administrators are highlighted in bold in the forum's members list and in Who's Online when they are browsing the forum. The administrators are free to edit or delete individual postings or complete threads at their discretion, and without warning, should they contain any of the following:

2.1. abusive language and/or sentiments (i.e. personal attacks as opposed to "bad words")

2.2. comments offensive on the grounds of race, gender, religion or ethnicity

2.3. slanderous remarks about individuals or organisations

2.4. trading of pirated material

2.5. overt or repetitive commercial advertising

2.6. seriously off-topic subject matter

2.7. unsolicited postings, i.e. "spam"

2.8. posts containing trading requests for pirated material or notification of unofficial download sites

2.9. discussions concerning pirated material for sale at auction sites or on streaming media sites such as YouTube

2.10 unreasonably argumentative or repetitive comments

2.11 comments designed to protract and extend any situation covered by 2.10

2.12 bobbins.

If you are looking for transmission dates or other basic information about shows, the BFI's SIFT database - http://old.bfi.org.uk/filmtvinfo/ftvdb/ and the BBC Genome site https://genome.ch.bbc.co.uk/ - should be your first stop. Also, a local library membership often gives users access to historical newspaper databases, such as the Times Digital Archive. Asking for information here should only be done as a supplement to your own original research, or as a last resort when other avenues have failed.

If you are unclear as to why any of your messages, or those of others, have been deleted, the moderators are happy to respond to any questions regarding the posting guidelines via private message or email (not the forum itself).

If you use a "handle" when posting then please use the same one consistently. Under no circumstances are you allowed to use, as a handle, the name of a currently-living person - this is defamatory and anyone posting as such will have their account either edited or deleted. Multiple logons will also not be tolerated - you are allowed one account per person.

Filling in the "email" field is entirely at your discretion. The option is provided so that those wishing to contact you directly can do so. It has been known for certain "spam" programs and viruses to source your email address from forum postings so you do this at your own risk.

Please be advised that this forum software uses cookies. By setting up an account with the forum you are implicitly agreeing for cookies to be used on your machine for the purpose of forum use.

The moderators reserve the right to update these rules from time to time.

Enjoy and play nicely!

[Last updated November 2020]

The Mausoleum Club Forum Administrators

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