PR: Lytton's Diary: The Complete Series [Network]

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PR: Lytton's Diary: The Complete Series [Network]

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Peter Bowles gives a highly memorable performance as Fleet Street's most successful gossip columnist, Neville Lytton. Co-created by Bowles, this highly popular drama started life as a single play in the Storyboard anthology before continuing through two critically acclaimed series. Featuring appearances by Gwen Taylor, Ralph Bates, Pamela Salem, Jean Kent, Elspet Gray and Lee Patterson, this set comprises both series alongside the original Storyboard play.

Suave, shrewd and with an instinct for a good story (tempered by a strong sense of fair play and occasional threats of litigation...), Neville Lytton is justly famed for the Gossip Diary that peps up the pages of The Daily News. Society tit-bits often give way to high-profile exposés, however, when Lytton and his colleagues stumble upon shady dealings, corruption at the highest levels, cover-ups and con-artists... ... 55040.html

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Re: PR: Lytton's Diary: The Complete Series [Network]

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Some nice stripping by Pamela Salem in this series as she didn't seem to be bothered to bare almost everything.

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Re: PR: Lytton's Diary: The Complete Series [Network]

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Very pleased to see this series getting a re-release, as I missed the first one, so I haven't seen it since broadcast.

I'll be picking this one up, thought it was very good, great cast and Peter Bowles, excellent as always.

Shame there wasn't more.
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