Doctor in charge

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Doctor in charge

Post by jeffcv »

According to imdb, this began airing on 9 April 1972. Is it possible that it began a couple of months earlier in the LWT region?

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Re: Doctor in charge

Post by stearn »

No, first ep listed in TVTimes on 9 April 1972 and made the front cover.

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Re: Doctor in charge

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There was a Doctor at Large entry in the 1971 Christmas All Star Comedy Carnival which, like the in Charge series that followed, was without Barry Evans.

Otherwise, I can't think of anything likely.
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Re: Doctor in charge

Post by Mark »

For series 2 in 73, same day but the times varied, and series 2 of "Doctor In The House" in 70, Yorkshire screened it on Thurs, with Friday for the rest.
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