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'Some Girls'

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In the past one has been given to wonder exactly what happened to Bernadette Davis (a.k.a. Mrs Guy Jenkin - you learn somethign new every day!) after Game On finished. Apart from the short-lived The Wilsons, it seemed like not much, until the arrival of South London school-based sitcom Some Girls on BBC3 a few weeks ago.

Although there are definite shades of Bromwell High in three of the four lead characters (Holli = Keisha; Amber = Latrina; Saz = Natella), it can more readily be seen as a female answer to The Inbetweeners, both collectively a useful counterbalance to the sensationalist and prurient noncery of Skins. Mrs 625, who spent most of last year teachign in Peckham, rates it as a much more accurate picture of school life than most of TV (certainly more than the laughable Waterloo Road), with much of the behaviour of both pupils and parents being authetic, even if some of the situations are somewhat extreme.

Although making the four leads part of the school football team is an OK hook, the episodes that have focussed more on that aspect have been somewhat weaker and more than a little predictable, and some of the performance took some time to bed down, but overall I think the series shows promise.
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