Nebula 75: a day of Supermarionation puppetry with screening, live demonstration and Q&A - 27th May

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Nebula 75: a day of Supermarionation puppetry with screening, live demonstration and Q&A - 27th May

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In case anyone is interest, just been informed about this event (details cut and pasted from an academic e=mail):
The following live broadcast event will be of interest to Thunderbirds fans, media students and television historians.

On May 27th the University of Hull are organising Nebula 75: A Day of Puppets. This free one-day event will host the production team behind Thunderbirds: The Anniversary Episodes and will feature an exclusive demonstration during which the team will showcase Supermarionation and ‘Superisolation’ filming techniques by recreating a scene from their new show Nebula 75 live onstage for a worldwide audience.

The day will also involve a screening of Nebula 75, a Q&A and a discussion of the challenges of recreating Supermarionation filming techniques at home under lockdown conditions.

Nebula 75 was created by Stephen La Rivière and Andrew T. Smith and their team between March and June 2020 and represents a fascinating case study in creativity under constraint. The team created the show during lockdown, using remaining puppets, props and materials from previous productions as well as surrounding bookshelves, cardboard boxes and other household objects for set design. Not constrained by its living-room studio origins, the series has gone on to earn a dedicated fanbase and has been profiled on BBC Radio 4, Channel 4, and in the Radio Times.

The event will include:

- A live screening of Nebula 75

- A live Q&A session with the Nebula 75 team

- An exclusive, live onstage filming demonstration of Supermarionation puppetry techniques, with a discussion showcasing how art and creativity can thrive in the most unpredictable and challenging of circumstances.

Nebula 75: A Day of Puppets will be streamed live. This is an all-day event with sessions taking place between 10am and 4pm (with breaks). Attendees will be emailed a link to the live-stream prior to the event, along with a schedule detailing specific timings of the morning and afternoon sessions.

Book here: ... 2541905947

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