BBC comedy- London Calling

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BBC comedy- London Calling

Post by ozsat »

Radio 4 Extra are repeating the Jimmy Perry comedy 'London Calling' set at the launch of the BBC on 1922. It airs weekly from Monday 11 May.

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Re: BBC comedy- London Calling

Post by stearn »

I remember seeing this in Radio Times when it first went out and looking forward to it, but as I can't remember much about it, I suspect it wasn't a classic. The fact I recorded it, still have the recordings knocking about somewhere, but haven't bothered to dig them out, shows I wasn't eager to revisit.

I'll give it another go as there is bugger all else to do!

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Re: BBC comedy- London Calling

Post by ian b »

This will be the fourth time R4X have given it an outing - it's no lost classic.

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