PR: Love Thy Neighbour [Network]

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PR: Love Thy Neighbour [Network]

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Spinning off from the controversial but phenomenally popular early-seventies sitcom, this hit feature-film charts the ongoing dissention and one-upmanship between confirmed bigot Eddie Booth and his Caribbean neighbour Bill Reynolds.

Presented in a brand-new High Definition transfer from the original film elements in its theatrical aspect ratio, Love Thy Neighbour features Jack Smethurst, Rudolph Walker, Nina Baden-Semper and Kate Williams all reprising their starring roles alongside appearances by comedy veterans Patricia Hayes and Army Game legend Bill Fraser.

Unbeknown to their warring husbands, neighbours and close pals Joan Booth and Barbara Reynolds deliberately enter a "Love Thy Neighbour" competition to win a holiday cruise. Already fearing the consequences, the wives find neighbourly relations further strained when each couple has relatives to stay – prompting them to wonder what'll happen when Bill and Eddie find their parents actually get on..!

[] Fullscreen version of main feature
[] Original Theatrical Trailer
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[] Original Pressbook PDF

Love Thy Neighbour

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Re: PR: Love Thy Neighbour [Network]

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