PR: British Musicals of the 1930s 6 [Network]

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PR: British Musicals of the 1930s 6 [Network]

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From playful romantic comedies to variety extravaganzas, the pre-war British musical films offered audiences a source of much-needed escapism throughout the decade haunted by the Great Depression and the growing menace of war. Often adapting much-loved hits of the music hall as well as serving as vehicles for the era's composers, performers and band leaders, they showcased home-grown talent alongside some of Hollywood's most bankable stars.

This ongoing, multi-volume collection makes available a wealth of rare gems from the very earliest days of the British talkies, many of which have remained unseen since their original release; each film is presented uncut, in a brand-new transfer from the original film elements in its as-exhibited theatrical aspect ratio.

A zesty musical comedy starring Stanley Lupino as an irresponsible reporter who finds himself tangling with both crooks and millionaires!
Black and White / 69 mins / 1.37:1 / Mono / English

In 1820s Heidelberg, the marriage of a student to a princess is nearly compromised when the landlady pays his debts from the kindness of her heart.
Black and White / 75 mins / 1.37:1 / Mono / English

The sensational rags-to-riches story of Jeanne Becu, better known as Madame du Barry – the Parisian milliner who won the heart of a French king.
Black and White / 88 mins / 1.37:1 / Mono / English

Joseph Schmidt stars in the tale of a musical film star who loses his voice, and the opportunity it affords an aspiring young student looking for his big break.
Black and White / 69 mins / 1.37:1 / Mono / English ... 53947.html

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Re: PR: British Musicals of the 1930s 6 [Network]

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Excellent! These are always a pleasure, doubly so if they feature Stanley Lupino.

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Re: PR: British Musicals of the 1930s 6 [Network]

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Brilliant. I never really considered myself much of a musicals man but there's something about the joie de vivre of most of these 1930s British efforts that has won me over.

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Re: PR: British Musicals of the 1930s 6 [Network]

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Must get this!

Stanley Lupino's Over She Goes (on another of this series of DVDs) is the most purely enjoyable film I've seen this year and "side by side" is an intoxicatingly brilliant number.

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Re: PR: British Musicals of the 1930s 6 [Network]

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Thank you for telling me that this was released.
Due to this forum, I bought it specially for the Joseph Schmidt "Star fell from Heaven" film. He and Mario Lanza are my favourite opera singers.
The film itself is awful. I only bought it for the performances as they were all sung live, not lip synched. "I hear you calling me" is beautiful even with the 1930's quality.

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