The Treasury of British Comics: 2020 lineup

From Buster to Wizard (I couldn't think of any comics beginning with 'A' and 'Z'...)
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The Treasury of British Comics: 2020 lineup

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For those interested in such things, this is what I've stitched together for the coming year from various sources.

09/01 Third World War (Crisis)
23/01 Billy's Boots (Scorcher)
??/02 Air War Stories (War Picture Library/Air Ace Picture Library)
??/02 John Steel (Thriller Picture Library)
20/02 Battle Stations (War Picture Library)
??/03 Action special (new)
19/03 The Trigan Empire 1 (Look and Learn)
??/04 Cor!!/Buster Easter special (new)
02/04 Masters of British Comic Art (new)
16/04 Sexton Blake 1 (Union Jack)
16/04 Battle of Britain (Air Ace Picture Library) - digest size
30/04 Johnny Future (Fantastic)
??/05 Smash special (new)
28/05 Roy of the Rovers: 1970s - The Tiger Years 1 (Tiger)
??/06 Roy of the Rovers Euro 2020 Special (new)
??/06 2000 AD Sci-Fi Special: Twenty Years of Rebellion (new)
25/06 Concrete Surfer (Jinty)
25/06 Sexton Blake 2 (Union Jack)
25/06 Strontium Dog: The Starlord Years (Starlord)
??/07 Tammy & Jinty Special (new)
09/07 Battler Briton (War Picture Library)
09/07 King's Reach: John Sanders autobiography (new)
06/08 Sexton Blake 3 (Union Jack)
06/08 Death Squad (Battle)
20/08 Sugar Jones (Pink)
??/09 Battle Special (new)
??/09 Misty & Scream! Special (new)
??/10 Roy of the Rovers: 1970s - The Tiger Years 2 (Tiger)
01/10 Sexton Blake 4 (Union Jack)
??/10 The Black Max 2 (Thunder/Lion)
??/10 The Thirteenth Floor 2 (Scream/Eagle)
??/11 Thriller Picture Library Special (new)
??/11 The Return of Sexton Blake (new)
??/11 The Trigan Empire 2 (Look and Learn)
??/12 Misty Presents... Special (new)
??/12 Ken Reid's Football Funnies (???)
??/?? Evil Genius 2 Special (new)
??/?? more Picture Library digests
??/?? more Janus Stark-style dropins only available as Rebellion website exclusives

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