"The Sequel That Never Was" (The Rich Morton Sound)

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"The Sequel That Never Was" (The Rich Morton Sound)

Post by AndrewP »

Rather intrigued by last weekend's documentary "The Lost Art of the TV Theme" on Radio 4 (http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b05tq6zy), I decided to check out some of Rich Morton's back catalogue and so ordered a copy of the most recent Rich Morton Sound CD: "The Sequel That Never Was". And what a lovely little item it is! This rather nicely packaged piece of kitsch comprises eighteen tracks of rather lovely pastiche period theme tunes and incidentals (think really good 1960s/1970s library music!) and a booklet giving you the background to a number of movie sequels, TV show spin-offs from films and one unlikely transfer to the big screen of various well-known genre titles. All presented with plot outlines, formats and frighteningly plausible cast lists! There's a number of productions here which I'd love to see if they existed. "Get Young Carter", the 1977 prequel with Malcolm McDowell and Dennis Waterman as the young Carter brothers. Alexandra Bastedo joining Michael Caine's Charlie Croker for "The Britannia Job" (1973) ... with Wilfrid Brambell as the Archbishop. Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn back in 1966 for "Charades". David Soul and Henry Winkler in the TV version of "Midnight Cowboy" from 1974.

Very pleased that I picked this up. A lot of fun and thought has gone into a most enjoyable little package.


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Re: "The Sequel That Never Was" (The Rich Morton Sound)

Post by Dick Fiddy »

Can only second what Andrew has said here - delightful, highly imaginative and inspirational idea that makes you want to create your own imaginary shows/films, cast them and imagine the theme music.

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Re: "The Sequel That Never Was" (The Rich Morton Sound)

Post by Alice80 »

Thanks for the link, Andrew! I just checked it out, played the medley and now wish I had more ITC series on dvd to satisfy my sudden craving!

The Strange Report will have to do!

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Re: "The Sequel That Never Was" (The Rich Morton Sound)

Post by Mark »

Much enjoyed the Radio doc, as well, and I must admit, I was scratching my head trying to identify the theme that was played, until it was revealed to be for an imaginary TV series.

Might have to give the CD a go, too.
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